The Life Not Work programme

A 6 month group coaching programme to help you gain clarity on who you are, what's important to you, and how to harmonise a life and career.
The Life Not Work programme
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There is more to life than work.

It's something we have to do, and in some respects are even lucky that we get to do it. But it feels like it's all we ever do. We sink so much of our identity into work that we don't really know who we are without it.

This programme is here to change that.

Look inwards to move forwards.

We believe intentional energy spent on better understanding ourselves leads to more purposeful momentum and direction in our lives.

This isn't a 6-easy-steps-to-fixing-your-life-sorta-programme.

This is about deep and personal work to get clarity on what's most important to you - and how to live a life that reflects that.

Curriculum. Coaching. Community.

With the structure of our thoughtfully designed curriculum, combined with the support of an experienced Coach, and a community to learn and grow with, the Life Not Work programme promises to be a genuinely transformative learning experience.

Care to join us?

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” 

Parker Palmer

🧠 What will you learn?

Although this programme is intended to provoke both unique and personal outcomes, it has been designed to teach you how to:

- Improve your ability to reflect and introspect
- Use frameworks to bring clarity to your thinking
- Use tools that help you prioritise and focus your life

...with the intention of helping you to:

- Understand yourself on a radical new level
- Gain truer clarity on how you want to live your life
- Be clearer on how to make that life a reality

🙂 Who is this for?

There really is no typical candidate for this programme. Whoever you might be, my guess is one or all of the following will resonate with you, as it relates to your life and work:

- You feel lost
- You lack purpose
- You're looking for direction
- You need clarity
- You're desperate for change

📚 What's on the curriculum?

1. Fundamentals

An introduction to the philosophy of LNW, an overview of the LNW programme, and a quick introduction to the key skills of coaching and listening. 

2. Transitions

An overview of transitions - what they are, how they differ from 'change', what this process might trigger within you, and how to effectively navigate them. 

3. Systems

An exploration of our relationships with time, money and work.

4. Influences

An introduction to Mimetic Theory, and the role it plays in shaping up our desires in this life. A chance to dig into who might be the biggest influences in our lives - both good and bad.

5. Narratives

An exploration of fears and limiting beliefs. An exercise to go deep and uncover all the stories we tell ourselves that stop us from getting what we want. 

6. Assessment

A moment of reflection - a chance to understand how to interrogate Systems, Influences and Narratives, as we embark on defining the most important and fundamental parts of who you are.

7. Person

An exploration of everything that makes you, you. Broadening your view of the roles you play in life, and what they might mean to you. 

8. Purpose

A demystification of the notion of purpose, and some frameworks for thinking about purpose in a more accessible and practical way. 

9. Principles

A chance to define you way of living - the ideas that guide you, that help you make decisions, that set the tone for how you want to live. 

10. Practice

Armed with Person, Purpose, and Principles, your chance to think about how you might bring this all to life. A chance to think more deliberately about what you do, your rituals, and more. 

11. Vision

A chance to imagine a big bright future. A sense of all that might be possible armed with this new perspective on life. And of course, to sense check the ways in which Systems, Influences, and Narratives might still try to steer us off course.

12. Application

Leaving the Life Not Work nest, an overview of the ways in which everything you've learnt can and should be applied, as well as tools and rituals that can keep you accountable and clear. 

"The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

Jack London

👥 Who's the coach?

That's me! My name is Carl Martin. I've been a coach since 2015 - having been both employed as a leadership and performance coach by startups and scaleups, but also working solo as a life and career coach with my own clients.

I've spent over 150 hours training as a coach, certifying as a Professional Coach in my training with both Co-Active and Full Circle, as well as certifying as an NLP Practitioner with NLP School.

I've spent the past 2 years focussed on the concept of "life design", and have been designing this curriculum and iterating on the practice with many of my previous coaching clients, as well as living it out for myself!

If I can tell you anything about my coaching, it's that I bring an abundance of energy and positivity. When life can feel so hard and overwhelming, it always helps to have someone like me by your side to keep you going.

🧐 What do folks have to say about the programme and working with Carl?

“I am beyond grateful for not just Carl’s support, but also his ability to challenge me to get to a better place and take more ownership over my now and my future. However life evolves for me from here, he’s done an incredible thing which is helping me find energy and direction again."

- Jem
"I'm in awe of how much change has been triggered within me - it's both remarkable and sizeable. Carl is such an incredible coach - how he helps distill my verbal vomit into 100% fresh water is beyond me! Complete game changing human to work with."

- Riz
“Overwhelmed and uncertain. That is how I felt before working with Carl. I've navigated to such a better place in my life, now no longer fearful of making tough decisions and clearer on what is genuinely important to me."

- Maud
"It still blows my mind how different I feel now. Where I ended up after working with Carl is certainly not where I set out to go - but I've come to realise this is where I really needed to be after all. The weight of the stress and indecision has lifted, and I now feel so much clearer on where to focus my energy in a way that serves me and my happiness."

- Dave

💸 How much does it cost?

The full 6 month programme costs £2079.

This covers 30 hours of coaching, including 24 hours of group coaching over 12 sessions, as well as 6 hours of 1:1 coaching sessions.

(That's £70 / $86 per hour of coaching - a 75%+ saving on working with me as a coach solely 1:1!)

This price also includes:

- Full access to the Life Not Work curriculum content
- A selection of self guided tools and frameworks
- A personalised Life Not Work notebook
- A selection of books to support your growth
- Access to the Life Not Work Alumni community (coming soon!)

👋 Want to know more? Maybe even ready to register? Let's talk!️

Before registering, we like to do a brief screening call. It gives us a little chance to get to know you and understand your motivations for pursuing the Life Not Work way.

It's also an opportunity to answer any questions you might have about the programme too. Use the calendar below to find a time that works well for us both.